Aaaaaaaaaand here we are, up on Github pages and using Octopress. Weeee!

This was actually kind of fun. I think I might actually get some blogging done!

Like so many others, I will be migrating my blog over to Github Pages, using Octopress. I’m a programmer at heart, and I feel more at home on the Terminal/Command prompt than anywhere else, so we’ll see if I actually post more often as a result.

Okay, for reals? Can I just please use Safari on iOS like I do on OSX? I never thought I’d want to browse the web on my Air more than I want to on my iPad, but I’m getting there.

At the very least, please just let me two-finger swipe to navigate pages.

I keep hearing people talking about “conversations” in software development. Like somehow “conversations” are super important.

This is bothering me. In my experience, conversations for their own sake are the devil. They interfere with actual development.

Get the job done, get something that works, get it out the door. Don’t bother talking about it unless there’s absolutely no way around it.

Recently, I needed to reuse some user controls across multiple webforms applications. What I wanted was a way for our UI guy to author and develop these controls using *.ascx and *.ascx.(cs|vb) code-behind files, since that was what he knew and was good at.

There’s a couple of ways to do this, some involving embedding the ASCX file as an embedded resource. I didn’t want to go that route tho. I did find one reference that pointed me in the right direction though. But it wasn’t quite exactly what I needed. For one, it didn’t play nicely with any other project references your control library might need. So, using Scott’s post as a starting point, I came up with a solution that I think works out very nicely.