I am constantly amazed at the difficulties that we have to deal with day in and day out as a software developer due to somebody failing to just stop and think about what it is they’re developing.

Wanted to get an IR_Black color scheme for .mintty to match vim, so I whipped up the following:

I’ve found that one of the most useful skills I have is knowing what to forget. Let me ask a question to demonstrate my point.

I ran across this lovely little interface method today:

public interface IOrderProcessor
  TransactionResponse CreateOrder(
      Cart cart,
      string email,
      Payment payment,
      Address billingAddress,
      Address shippingAddress,
      string notes,
      int orderId);

This is a simple plugin based on Hadi Hariri’s blog post on creating plugins for ReSharper. I actually had a need for this in one of my projects, so I figured I’d try my hand at the plugin. Unfortunately, it was written for an older version of ReSharper and didn’t translate exactly. So this is an updated version of the plugin for ReSharper Version 7.x